Preferable Location(s): Reykjavík, Iceland | Shanghai, China | Los Angeles, United States of America
Work Type: Full Time

Directive Games was founded in 2014 by a group of industry veterans various AAA studios where they contributed to building some of the most iconic franchises over the last 20+ years. We have developed proprietary backend tech stacks and are fascinated by any technology that enables and facilitates the creation of large persistent online universes that transcend the boundaries of our digital lives. 

We are currently developing cross-platform (PC, Mobile, Web) massively multiplayer augmented reality blockchain games that leverage generative AI and procedural generation pipelines. As a team member, you're expected to collaborate with other disciplines and be proactive in how we work. Being part of finding the "how" and the "why" in the solutions we build is something you enjoy. Our games are made from unicorn kisses. Prove us wrong.

We have offices in Reykjavik, Shanghai, and Los Angeles but accept applications from anyone willing to work remotely.

We believe you have:

  • A bachelor's degree in Computer Science or other relevant discipline or equivalent experience
  • 2+ years of engineering experience with solid engineering fundamentals
  • Experience in designing, implementing, deploying, and supporting solidity contracts
  • Proficiency in Solidity & smart-contract engineering.
  • Prior experience building crypto-native projects deployed on an EVM Mainnet, especially using Solidity and Ethereum development tools.
  • Good knowledge of building, investing, yield farming, minting, and voting.
  • Good understanding of gas optimization and tradeoffs between efficient code and readable code.
  • The ability to write migrations and deploy code to EVM-compatible networks.
  • The ability to make important technical decisions on your own.
  • Prior experience in GameFi projects is preferred but not required. 

And that you are:

  • Actively voicing ideas and opinions to the team in a constructive manner.
  • Taking available opportunities to help and support team members
  • Communicating clearly and responsively.
  • Empathizing with the users of each system and their workflows.
  • Able to resolve conflicts effectively.
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Design, scope, and estimate complex contracts based on requirements.
  • Implementing Solidity-based software systems through collaboration with engineers, designers, and artists and deploying and monitoring said software.
  • Coordinating work between multiple people, crossing disciplinary boundaries.
  • Participating in design and code reviews.
  • Following and enforcing group standards and best practices.
  • Continually expanding knowledge of new game technologies and systems.

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